Frequently Asked Questions

Assembly of your Popaloo could not be simpler.

Assembly of your Popaloo could not be simpler.

Remove all the seven pieces from the carry case, place the base tray on firm ground and slot in the two plain side panels with cut outs, to the locking pins on either side of the base tray, ensure both panels clip firmly in place.

The Popaloo logo panels loose fit and free stand between the clipped in plain side panels, the under-seat section ( with bag support pips on) is then placed over the four vertical panels and working from corner to corner  clipped firmly into place, ensure the single pip is over a Popaloo logo panel as this denotes the front.

Position and align the powder bag holes on the pips and place the seat section over with the rounded edge over the single pip… you and Popaloo are good to go.

Dismantling does not require any screwdrivers or tools.. just a firm grip with one hand to any outer vertical corner , then use spare hand to firmly pull the under seat section upwards at the top of  that external corner.

Remove the Popaloo seat leaving the secondary top in place.

Open the powder bag carefully and place it through the opening to ensure an even spread of the bag and the powder, the bag should not touch the base. The top section of the bag locates on the pegs and any excess just lays flat on the top.

Replace the seat section and you are ready to go… we also have a video on this website and Youtube. “Popaloo Putting it all together” which should help you.

Once finished remove the seat, gather up the excess bag and knot together, and dispose of responsibly.

Knot or seal the bag and dispose of responsibly in mixed municipal or household waste stream, do not flush bag or contents. You can with the land owner’s permission dig a hole and bury. Waste classification code is: Offensive 20-03-01.

This is of course a personal choice or decision; we obviously recommend single use,as the powder in the bag can only gel a certain amount of waste,usually 2.5 to 3.0 ltrs of fluid and solid,we are aware of people using the same bag twice dependant on activity.

The powder is a blend of three ingredients that gel, deodorise and breakdown both fluid and solid waste.

Popaloo was designed to work with Popaloo bags we will not be responsible for any issues arising where alternatives have been used.

Please remember that Popaloo make a donation to with every purchase of product, and you can save 25% when signed up for the Repeat Pooscription.

Allow sufficient space, and remove the tent from the carry case keeping hold of the tent in the packed position, release one hand hold from the tent and it will expand rapidly to an open flat position,  open out to a fully open position, tent is now ready for use.

Attach the optional ground sheet, attach guy ropes and corner pegs to suit ground and weather conditions.

This is not easy at the first attempt, but once you have mastered the technique it is very simple. We also have a video on the website “Putting it all together”

Begin by closing and folding the tent to the flat closed position.

Hold the base at the widest point on either side, press and bend the opposite end against the ground, apply pressure so the central section rises up from the ground towards you and almost closes together. Release one hand and press together the central  rising sections, at the same time pressing the whole structure against the ground. You will notice that it begins to form a circle shape on the ground, simply tuck in and fold under the remainder of the tent, shape together and replace in carry case. Remembering to gather up Guy Ropes, Pegs and Ground sheet.

On rare occasions the tents can get a distinct inward curve on one side which makes them very difficult to fold. If you experience this, please look at the video entitled “Problems folding your tent” which will resolve the issue.

Click here to watch the Video

Yes it has been weight tested to 175 Kgs.