Eco Friendly

The Popaloo toilet uses a dry powder waste gelling system and Bio Degradable bags, the loose blend of powders is in each bag and has the capacity to gel 2.5 to 3.0 litres of fluid and solid waste.


The Popaloo toilet when packed away is just 430mm square x 90mm high and comes in a durable fabric carry case, assembly takes seconds and builds to normal UK loo seat height so it is all familiar territory, Popaloo has been weight tested to 175Kg or 27 stone.


As our system is so compact it makes everything highly portable, lightweight and practical, creating endless opportunities to have your very own Private Convenience anywhere.

Cost Effective

When you purchase a Popaloo toilet the only ongoing costs are the powder bags which are available in packs of 10 or 50, we also offer a 25% discount on the PB10 packs when you sign up for a "Repeat Pooscription” further details elsewhere on the website.

Why choose our portable toilet?

We realise that many types of portable toilet are available, but  nothing is quite like Popaloo and when you see the product and the benefits it offers we hope you will agree.

The Popaloo is a unique, compact, Eco-Friendly and highly portable toilet system, designed primarily for the use of family campers to festival-goers. Our toilets are used by an extremely broad audience, including, truck drivers, military, offshore wind farms, UK fire & rescue and many more.

We have even supplied our products to the Star Wars production company, so if they are good enough for Darth Vader… may the Popaloo be with you! 

We are also a company that likes to give back so we donate a proceed of every sale to Toilet Twinning a UK based charity who provide toilets to some the world’s poorest communities, we have twinned over 75 toilets so far.

The Popaloo toilet is 100% Made in GB.

Save 25% on powder bags with a Repeat Pooscription

Once you have bought your Popaloo the only ongoing costs are the Powder Bags.

If you see yourself needing a lot of bags then the PB50 pack is the most economical way to buy, however you can save 25% on the PB10 packs by signing up for a Repeat Pooscription. This does not mean you will get a pack of bags after every month all you need to do is email or phone us to sign up and we will log your purchases.

Whenever you order your fourth PB10 pack we will send you another pack of 10 bags completely FREE of charge!

Please note ” Repeat Pooscription ” saving only applies to PB10 packs.
Sign up here to start saving.

Don’t take our word for it…
This is what our customers think.

by Rebecca Hall-Franke

Great Purchase

We purchased the Popaloo to go with our VW Campervan, we were planning on a road trip through Europe but were obviously very aware there was a pandemic going on, so we wanted to limit the amount of contact as possible. This is extremely portable, we were able to assemble and disassemble really quickly, easy to clean and move on to the next site. We have also used it a number of times since on short weekend trips away. As we have a solar panel on the van it means we have so much more available to us as we can literally park in a field and be miles away from facilities with no need to worry, throw up the pop up tent – which Robin was super helpful with to be able to get that tent to me. Also re-ordering was super simple and super fast – I am good at last minute weekend getaways and needing to reorder on a Wednesday for a Thursday delivery. Awesome service, couldn’t recommend any more 🙂
by S Roberts

Popping convenient!!

I bought this for camping to avoid trekking to communal loos in the middle of the night. It’s fab!! Packs up neatly and the bags are compostable, with no odour or danger of leakage. Great service from the company too. As someone else mentioned, fitting the bags over the pegs can sometimes be a bit fiddly but that would be the only hitch, and it’s really not a big one. Excellent Product!!
Popaloo Response:
Thank you Sarah we love your review and we love the title " Popping Convenient" pleased to be of service.
by Caroline Harris

Excellent Product-Excellent Service!

I’ve been using the Popaloo and bags for some years now with great success. For my Campervan I often use a smaller toilet with the bags to save on the chemical palaver. They always deliver super quickly and their customer service is second to none. Highly recommend.

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