About us

We are a British business who have designed and developed a lightweight, compact and easily portable toilet system…the Popaloo.

We realise that many types of portable toilet are available, but  nothing is quite like Popaloo and when you see the product and the benefits it offers we hope you will agree.

Popaloo when closed is just 420 mm square and 90 mm high, the same height as a credit card, The seat height when in use is 430 mm high, the same as your loo at home. Made of durable ABS plastic your Popaloo  treated with care will last a lifetime.

We also offer the Private Convenience pack, a Popaloo toilet and tent of your choice Large or Medium, all provide complete privacy whether you are using the toilet , showering or changing.

The Medium tent can also be used at the Beach for changing.. not forgetting the Popaloo.

The Popaloo can be assembled in less than forty seconds and the tent’s  in less than five seconds, this combined with the space saving features and functionality makes Popaloo a fantastic choice for a variety of users.

The Popaloo is liquid chemical free, it uses a  Bio Degradable bag with a dry powder waste gelling system, the powder gels the waste, once finished simply knot the bag and dispose of responsibly, in a standard bin or compost area. Once purchased the only ongoing costs are the Eco Power bags.